The TXR variator has been conceived for heavy applications using high power electric engine.
The innovative materials and production processes let it work for long without maintenance.
It is composed by a drive pulley R, a driven pulley U or Z with helical spring and the transmission belt.
The choice of the driven pulley depends on the location of engine and gearbox (“U” if they are on the same side, “Z” if they are opposite)
You get speed variation by acting on the drive pulley R, which can be supplied with hand wheel to set speed variation (CRV), with handwheel with chain sprocket for remote control (CRC) or with hydraulic actuator for remote control (HYD).

Our technical Department is available to study and develop custom made applications.



  • Variation ratio: 1: 9
  • Transmissible power: 18.5 - 55 Kw
  • Heavy duty applications subject to high torques
  • Maintenance free

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