Torque limiters (or safety couplings) are components which have to be installed where an efficient protection of mechanical devices is needed.

The use of torque limiters is recommended in case of overloads, accidental load peak and reverse rotations, in order to safeguard the engine and related power transmission components ( gears, belt variators ecc..)

They are more advisable than electronic safety devices because of the lesser response time, better reliability, excellent configuration flexibility, easier fitting and adjustment, use at high speed in hard setting and if inertias or important masses occur.

Electronic systems often get to the bottom of the transmission thus causing errors, delayed response and difficulty in configuration and management.

The choice of limiter depends on the required disengaging torque, which is higher than the torque necessary for the normal activity of the machinery and it is determined according to the working specifications.

Mechanical torque limiters guarantee a safer and complete protection; they improve the safety level of the machinery; they reduce breakdowns and unproductive periods; and last but not least, they prevent malfunctions and related maintenance works.

We are able to supply torque limiters in stainless steel or with linings suitable for the food industry too.

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